Maintaining Your Fur Coat

You have just bought or inherited a fur coat. Congratulations this is wonderful news! Now do you treat it as you would your other coats? Do you just hang it up in the hall closet in the summer months? What about rain and snow, would it damage your precious new addition to your wardrobe? These and many more are questions you should ask yourself in order to have it for many years and maybe even pass it down to someone else in your family one day.

Let’s start with storage. You don’t want to hang your fur coat like you would your other coat’s, it requires a bigger, broad shouldered hanger. If you choose to zip it up in a garment bag, make sure that the fur can breathe in a cloth garment bag that the fur usually comes with, never plastic or a material that will prevent air from getting to it. In the summer when it is time to put the coat away for a few months, store your fur with your furrier or if you don’t have one, just simply look for one near you if you can. If you do decide to store it yourself, keep it out of the sunlight as that may change the color of it. If it does get dirty or maybe your St. Bernard decided to give you a big hug one day when you came home and now it smells a little bit like your pet make sure not to clean it yourself unless you have purchased a special fur cleaning kit. There are other options, such as taking it to your furrier and having them clean it for you, but this can get pricey. It is the same thing with brushing it. You can only do this yourself if you have purchased a special brush that will keep it looking soft. Do not ever use a comb or regular hair brush, as this may pull hairs out or ruin it.

We all know that accidents happen. You are walking past something and something sharp snags you and tears your new beautiful coat. Do not panic. Just simply take it in to a tailor that specializes in fur maintenance and have them fix it right away. It will prevent more tearing and let your coat have a long life. You will most likely be wearing this coat in the winter when it is snowing or raining out and sometimes you can’t avoid getting a little wet. Again, don’t panic. Gently shake it out and hang it in a room that has air circulating. Whatever you do, do not blow dry it, or put it near heat to dry it. This may cause the coat to be ruined for good. Most importantly, after purchasing or inheriting a fur coat, enjoy it! Wear it with pride and treat it well.

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